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Build Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence!
Many people have asked about the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence.  There is a difference - and you can see for yourself if you feel you have low self-esteem or just lack a bit of confidence.

If you suffer from either you should be aware that it is very treatable, so don’t be concerned that you’ll be set like this for life. We all have the capacity to change and feel better about ourselves, and through the use of a comprehensive hypnosis plan, you will be able to see significant changes in how you think, feel and behave in a very short time.

Very often these terms are used to describe similar problems and can be seen as the same but actually they are different areas of how we feel about ourselves.

What Is Self Esteem?
It's that crucial ingredient that affects vast sections of our lives and how we live them.

Self-esteem is shaped by a person’s behavior and actions, as well as by society, culture, and important individuals throughout a person’s life. Self- esteem is more than self-worth. It is the feeling about your own ability to think, to make decisions, to cope with life’s challenges, and to feel worthy of your success through happiness and enjoyment of your own accomplishments. 

Transformations_Hypnosis_Self_Esteem_2Self-esteem is about how much an individual respects him or herself and how worthy they understand themselves to be when it comes to such things as praise from others, love from a partner or even happiness. It is more to do with how you value yourself without projecting pretensions, enjoying yourself for who you are and not what you pretend to be, and feeling satisfied both mentally and physically (such as accepting your body rather than despising certain parts). Self-esteem is being able to learn from your mistakes without any fear of failure or consequences.

What Is Self Confidence?
Confidence is having trust in yourself and certainty in your capabilities without any self-importance or arrogance. It is how effectual you feel in a particular setting or in dealing with a individual job or task. For instance, there may be individuals who may feel self-confident in their capabilities to perform in front of crowd, participate in a ballroom dance contest, address an audience of 200 on a particular theme, take the project manager role in a team, or perhaps take the lead act in a show for hundreds of people.


What Are the Causes of Low Self Esteem and Self Confidence?
This is usually caused by a negative and distorted belief about yourself that has been forged over a period of time, through your life’s experiences. So if your life’s experiences are negative then so can your opinion of yourself.

In many cases, these opinions are forged in our childhood and early years of adolescence.

What you witnessed, heard and experienced during your life – either within your family, or perhaps the wider community including your school days – will, more than likely, have prejudiced the way you view yourself. Lets look at some examples here of what may have influenced your opinions of yourself:

  • Regular punishment, abandonment or mistreatment as a child
  • Not meeting parental standards and therefore, constantly criticized
  • Failing to meet the standards of your peers (School for example)
  • Always being on the receiving end of other people’s anxiety or suffering
  • Racism
  • Being part of a group or community to which others are prejudiced
  • A deficiency in compliments, compassion, love or attention
  • Being openly different from others and not fitting in at home or at school

However, sometimes these negative beliefs about ourselves are formed later in life following experiences such as bullying in the workplace, abusive relationships (physical and mental), unrelenting anxiety due to hardships in living and traumatic events.

The effects of low self-esteem are all around us. Broken or dysfunctional relationships, academic underachievement, feelings of loneliness and isolation, and behavior that damages health and life prospects all have roots in low self-esteem.

Your opinion of yourself, what you think of your own 'worth', really does make a difference to your life. If you mistakenly value yourself too low, you may; Transformations_Hypnosis_Self_Esteem_3           

  • Blame yourself for things that aren't your fault
  • Underestimate your own abilities
  • Expect things to go wrong for you

Low self-esteem may stop you from socializing and keeping friendships alive, cutting yourself off from the world. Low self-esteem may cause you to drink excessively or look for other 'highs' to give your life some excitement. Or maybe it simply stops you from doing what you want to do, as you've run out of energy or belief that you're worth it and it's worth pursuing.

Why does Looking After your Self-Esteem Matter?

When you have a more balanced view of yourself, you can:

  • be much fairer to yourself
  • be more objective about your strong points
  • have more confidence in your abilities
  • feel calmer when you think about yourself and your future
  • think more positively about life generally

We don't try to get to an unrealistically high level of self-esteem - instead, we work on building it to a healthy level that will help you get more out of life and feel more comfortable with yourself. Maybe your self-esteem right now hovers around a low 1 or 2 out of 10, and a 7 or 8 out of 10 is really a great goal to aim for.

With higher self-esteem, you will start to socialize more and believe you've got something to say that's worth hearing. You will stop abusing your body and look after you physical health better. You will say yes more at work, or school and start to progress towards what you want out of life.

Hypnosis Will Help You BOOST your Self-Esteem

Hypnosis for Increased Self-Esteem will help you do just this. This powerful program will allow you to relax very deeply and connect with the core truth about you, breaking you out of the negative 'trance' that's been holding you prisoner. It will:

  • remind you of your good qualities
  • improve your self confidence
  • give you the inner strength to come through difficult times
  • help you feel better about yourself
  • improve your social and working relationships
Hypnosis Will Allow you to BUILD Deep Inner Confidence and Unshakable Self-Belief

Transformations_Hypnosis_Self_Esteem_4Hypnosis is really an invaluable tool when you want to discover how to build self-confidence. This is because going into hypnosis allows you to step out of your everyday way of thinking and feeling about yourself and your life. When you are deeply relaxed, and listening to empowering suggestions crafted by skilled and experienced therapists, you naturally become more flexible and creative. And so you naturally feel better about yourself and more ready to take on the challenges of life.

You may be confident in some areas of life, but less so in others. The range of hypnosis programs that we offer will not only teach you how to build self-confidence, but will help you keep that confidence stable and strong, whatever circumstances you face.

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