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Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Anxiety - Stress Issues

Find Freedom From Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Are stress, anxiety, depression, or panic attacks affecting your life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by people, events and situations in your life?

Are stress, anxiety, PTSD, or depression ruining your relationships with family, friends and co-workers?

Do you rely on alcohol, medications, or tranquilizers to help you deal with your stress or PTSD issues?

Would you like to become more relaxed and learn to cope with stressful situations patiently and easily?


If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions - you are not alone.  According to the American Psychological Association, approximately one half of Americans say that stress has had a negative impact on their lives both personally and professionally.  Stress can make you feel anxious, irritable, angry, depressed or tired.  It can affect your eating and drinking habits, causing you to gain or lose weight.  Numerous medical and university research studies have proven that excessive stress or anxiety has an adverse effect on your immune system leading to many preventable diseases and sicknesses.  Unfortunately, countless people reach for alcohol, pills, or food to cope.*           

Hypnotherapists like me are repeatedly asked by clients, family members, and medical professionals to use hypnosis procedures to provide immediate, effective, and lasting stress and anxiety treatment.  In fact, Hypnotherapy benefits innumerable people suffering from anxieties every day - freeing them from the heavy weight of stress and allowing them live much happier and healthier lives.*

There is not a person in the world that does not experience stress.  

Stress is a normal part of our everyday life.

Roxboro Hypnosis Stress HeadacheThere is good stress and bad stress.  The good stress is like waiting in the delivery room for the arrival of your new baby or the feeling that overwhelms you when you get that promotion that you have worked so hard for.  These stresses come to an end when a desired outcome is reached.

Bad stress, the type that leads to so many ailments, is another story.

Bad stress is when you are constantly faced with challenges.  They never seem to end.  You find that you are worrying about something all the time.  You find that there is never any relief to these stresses, making it impossible for you to ever really relax.

In our world today, we tend to take relaxation and rest for granted, few people take the time or are able to ever actually relax.  This leads to more stress creating a cycle of anxiety and illness that can destroy lives.

Some Common Symptoms of Stress & Anxiety Include:

  • Emotional or Physical Fatigue
  • Nervousness
  • Lack of energy
  • Headaches Upset Stomach
  • Excessive Smoking, or Alcohol and Drug Use
  • Frequent Colds or Flu
  • Changes in Habits
  • Bad Dreams and Thoughts
  • Muscle Tension
  • Change in Appetite
  • Teeth Grinding

The effects of stress have been found to weaken the immune system, which explains why we are all more likely to become sick when are bodies are stressed and worn out.  Stress also intensifies symptoms in diseases that have an autoimmune component, such as rheumatoid arthritis and it has been linked to a range of problems from headaches to irritable bowel syndrome.  Now, there are even implications of a correlation between stress and many forms of cancer.*

Through Hypnotherapy, I can help you learn how to truly relax - reducing your stress, tension, and anxiety.  After our sessions have helped you to reduce your initial stresses and anxiety, I can then teach you self-hypnosis techniques based on your unique individual situation that will enable you to relieve some of your excess stress whenever you need to.*
Not only will hypnosis help you relieve stress at any given moment, it can also help you eliminate, or at least reduce, the problems that are causing you stress, the true root problems that are causing your stress.  We all are faced with, and must manage, many stresses every day, but our problems with stress may stem from something else, things that have happened to us in the past that we haven’t dealt with or some situation or incident that we just can’t seem to let go of.  These have an impact on us until resolved and can affect us in dealing with issues that we face today.*  

Regardless of what our triggers are, it is our mind that tells our body how it will respond to those triggers.  If our mind interprets a situation as being stressful, it will tell our body that we are in a stressful situation and our body will react accordingly.*

As your qualified hypnotherapist, I can help you change the way your mind interprets the situations in your life that cause much of your stress and anxious feelings.  This will help you stay relaxed and calm - allowing you to stay in control during those times when you normally are feeling stressed.  Stress is created by your thoughts and anticipation of what your mind believes will happen next.  Hypnosis for stress and anxiety helps your mind perceive these situations differently, which will reduce stress and make you feel better right now while, at the same time, creating the lasting effects that will enable you to be much healthier and happier in your life.*

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