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Are you ready to GET YOUR CONTROL Back?

Hypnosis is the ideal way to get in Complete Control of your Anger!


Do you lose your temper easily or find it difficult to let go of frustrations? Have you ever found yourself reacting out of anger in a way that you later regretted? Does your rage seem so strong at times that it scares people, including yourself? Have you ever been told that you should consider anger management?

Anger Management is important for your physical and emotional well being.

Maybe you have always struggled with controlling your temper, or maybe recent circumstances have left you feeling powerless.

Whatever the cause of your anger, you are not happy with the way it is impacting your life.

You may notice now that your anger has caused your loved ones to pull away, your friends to distance themselves, and your co-workers to avoid you. You want them back in your life and you want to be at peace with yourself - and you can with the help of anger management hypnosis.

But I know it’s hard not to let things get to you. Someone is bound to cut you off in traffic or steal your parking space. Your partner will say something that upsets you on the same night your boss makes you work late. You’ll have days where you feel like nothing is going right and everything exists to annoy you.

But you don’t have to let it get the best of you. You can be in control of your anger

You know, the feeling of certainty provided by anger is seductive. It can make you feel confident and strong and that you are in some way superior to those around you. But as you probably know, uncontrolled outbursts of irrational anger lead to all sorts of problems in the long run.

Not only is the regular expression of anger damaging to your health, but it makes those around you nervous, causing them to change their behavior towards you. Soon, your mere presence in a room changes the way people feel; increasing anxiety and fear, and reducing their ability to relax and have fun or even just get on with their job.

The problem with being unable to control angry outbursts is that you become unpredictable, and that is unsettling to be around.

The trick is to avoid generating anger in the first place!

That old idea that it's somehow unhealthy to avoid expressing anger is a mistaken one. What is truly HEALTHY is to avoid becoming angry in the first place. And that requires 2 things: 

  • You must ELIMINATE of the habit of constantly getting angry about things
  • You must CHANGE your thinking styles to stop generating anger-causing thoughts

Hypnosis is an excellent way to achieve these goals because it keeps you calm while you break old habits and form new ways of thinking and behaving. And this is essential, or your emotional brain will simply keep you locked into the old anger patterns.

Transformations-Hypnosis-ANGER_2You CAN Stop The Uncontrolled Irrational Anger!

You CAN Free Yourself from Anger - stopping it from Poisoning your Relationships and Damaging your Health

Could you do with some anger management know-how?

Are your own angry emotional reactions causing you problems?

Life, a famous person once said, is just one darn thing after another. From our earliest days, our plans and wishes get frustrated. Things don't work out how we expect. People don't do what they're supposed to do. We don't get what we want. It's no wonder we get emotional, and feel like breaking things, shouting, and even hitting people.

As we grow from toddlers to adults, we learn that there is a distinction between the unalterable laws of physics which govern why the natural world doesn't bend to our wishes and the behavior of the people around us. People could give us what we expect or want or ask for, if they wanted. We know this. And so we can get even more frustrated when they don't.

It feels so wrong!

Of course, sometimes it is 'wrong' in the objective sense. But even when it is merely a Transformations-Hypnosis-ANGER_3matter of not getting our own way, it feels just as 'wrong' to us. This powerful feeling of being 'wronged' is anger. It is a useful, energizing emotion in its place. It drives us into action against perceived threats.

The trouble is - anger is a primitive mechanism - and its simple primitive structure has not yet caught up with the complexities of modern life, where it isn't a good idea to treat your incompetent co-worker, say, as if they were a saber-toothed tiger threatening your very existence.

What Happens When We Get Angry?

The chemical changes that anger triggers in our bodies to get us to focus on and act very directly on a source of threat, without paying attention to any distracting surrounding circumstances, lead us to lose our rational perspective. We become blind to the subtleties of situations, totally convinced that we are 'right', and ready to bulldoze over others, no matter what the objective circumstances are.

That's not great for our relationships with other people, at home or at work.

What's more, if we are in the habit of getting angry when things don't go as we expect, research shows that our health will suffer.

With Just a Few Sessions of Anger Management Hypnotherapy, You will:

  • find yourself feeling more relaxed and 'laid back' in general
  • be less and less likely to be roused to anger
  • manage your actions - if you do find yourself getting angry, you can quickly calm yourself down
  • be able to think much more clearly and calmly in frustrating situations and work out a way forward
  • feel much more in control
  • find that your relationships with everyone around you begin to improve


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